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A fully integrated Real Estate ERP

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ePMS Property Management and Real Estate Software

ePMS Property Management and Real Estate Software comprising of Property Sales, Brokerage, Property Lease, Financials, Asset Management, HR and Payroll is a complete ERP solution specially designed and developed to overcome the dynamic challenges faced by the Real Estate sector. The solution features a unique data structure which adapts to your business with powerful web technologies enabling organizations to go online in shortest possible timeframe and at the same time, in the most cost effective way. We understand the value of your precious data hence we architect our solution to ensure your data resides at your premises. From our experience we have learnt every organization’s business needs are different and ePMS provides all the modules on a single platform and the flexibility to choose from the modules that are required.

Benefits of ePMS

Advantages of ePMS – Property Management and Real estate ERP software
, are in many folds across many areas comparing that of your current system. Designed for rapid time to benefit and low total cost of ownership the software is built using the latest and the best technologies, ePMS – Property Management Software can meet your unique and changing business needs.

Major Business Challenges Overcome By ePMS

  • Insight into sales people performance and status of actual sales Vs target sales at any given point
  • Effective customer analysis such as buying pattern, most/ least profitable customers and products, likes and dislikes etc
  • Ability to up sell & repeat sales to customers
  • Avoid paper work and filing
  • Easy tracking of Contracts / SPA / MOU / Lease agreements
  • To retrieve the required information on a timely manner
  • Ability to incorporate dynamic business rules and Customizations
  • No delays in getting reports due to flexible system which could be an enormous cost to business
  • Integration with office productivity tools such as Email, Word, Excel etc. Latest technology with more functionality and flexibility, centralized and fully integrated system
  • Easy to use interface
  • Scalability can grow with the business, multi-locations and easy deployment